Commands Reference List

configValidate and view the configuration for services.
connectAdd an additional target peer node to connect to.
dns-addAdd extra DNS entries.
dns-lookupLookup DNS entries of a cluster.
dns-removeRemove extra DNS entries.
downStop and remove containers, networks, volumes, and images.
envPrint remote node connection string for docker client.
eventsStream events for containers of services in the cluster.
exposeEstablish connectivity between the host and the cluster.
forgetRemove existing target peer node.
helpPrint this help information.
hideDestroy connectivity between the host and the cluster.
initDownload configs for services from peer nodes or external repos.
inspectView and inspect the state of the node in full details.
installInstall overnode and the required dependencies.
killForce running containers to stop by sending a signal.
launchLaunch the node and / or join a cluster.
loginProvide credentials to pull images from private repositories.
logoutRemove credentials to pull images from private repositories.
logsDisplay log output from services.
pausePause running containers of services.
primeWaits until the node is ready to allocate IP addresses.
psList containers and states of services.
pullPull images associated with services.
pushPush images for services to their respective repositories.
resetLeave a cluster and destroy the node.
restartRestart all stopped and running services.
resumeRestart previously launched node if it is not running.
rmRemove stopped containers of services.
startStart existing containers of services.
statusView the state of the node, connections, dns, ipam, endpoints.
stopStop running containers without removing them.
topDisplay the running processes for containers of services.
unpauseUnpause paused containers of services.
upBuild, (re)create, and start containers for services.
upgradeDownload and install newer version of overnode and dependencies.
versionPrint version information.