overnode init

Download configs for services from peer nodes or external repos.

> overnode [--debug] [--no-color] init --restore PROJECT-ID [OPTION] ... [TEMPLATE] ...
Options: Description:
TEMPLATE Path to git repository and an optional sub-folder within
the repository, separated by '@' character.
The remote content will be copied to the current directory.
overnode.yml file will be extended by the remote config.
Example: https://github.com/overnode-org/overnode#examples/sleep
--project PROJECT-ID
Configuration project ID to restore or initialize.
Default is the name of the current parent directory.
--restore Restore the existing configuration from other nodes.
--force Force to replace the existing overnode.yml by
the configuration for PROJECT-ID sourced from peer nodes.
If --restore option is not defined, reset to empty configuration.
Skip checking if all target nodes are reachable.
-h|--help Print this help.