overnode up

Build, (re)create, and start containers for services.

> overnode [--debug] [--no-color] up [OPTION] ... [SERVICE] ...
Options: Description:
SERVICE List of services to target for the action.
--attach Once up and running attach to the logging output from containers.
Remove containers for services not defined in
the configuration files.
Pull without printing progress information.
Recreate containers even if their configuration
and image haven't changed.
If containers already exist, don't recreate
them. Incompatible with --force-recreate.
--no-start Don't start the services after creating them.
--timeout TIMEOUT
Use this timeout in seconds for container
shutdown when attached or when containers are
already running. (default: 10)
--rollover Execute controlled serial launch of services.
If at least one SERVICE argument is specified,
brings each SERVICE up, one by one on each required node.
If SERVICE argument is not specified,
brings each node up, one by one.
Continues iterations only if the launched services / nodes
are in healthy state.
--nodes NODE,...
Comma separated list of nodes to target for the action.
By default, all known nodes are targeted.
Skip checking if all target nodes are reachable.
--serial Execute the command node by node, not in parallel.
-h|--help Print this help.