Installing and Upgrading the tool

Installing the tool

To install the Overnode tool and its dependencies run the following command on each host of a cluster:

> wget --no-cache -O - | sudo sh

The overnode is the shell script. It needs bash to run. We develop and test with Ubuntu OS, but it works in other environments, where bash and GNU coreutils, like grep and cut, are available.

If docker is not installed on a host, the Overnode will install it and will take care of upgrading it to a compatible version, when the Overnode is upgraded. If docker is installed on a host, the Overnode will automatically opt out from managing docker upgrades.

All other dependencies will be pulled as container images from the Docker Hub.

If installation process is failed, for example, because of the broken internet connection, just rerun the same command.


Currently, docker runs only with cgroups v1, see Fedora Magazine's article on how to enable 'legacy' v1.

Weave seems to also have difficulties with SELinux, no sane solution has been found. See #39

Inspecting the version

To inspect the current installation use version command:

> sudo overnode version

Upgrading the tool

To upgrade the existing installation to the latest released version run the upgrade command:

> sudo overnode upgrade

You can choose specific version to upgrade to. See more details in the command reference manual.

Available releases are published on Github Releases Page.

The upgrade command will download new version of the tool, new dependencies and will upgrade them in correct order. Some of your existing running containers may restart during the upgrade of the tool, depending on the features used by the containers.